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Wessex Business School

The Wessex Business School offers the opportunity for personnel to gain management qualifications. Delivered by blended learning, the course material has been specifically designed to take account of the operational needs of military personnel serving in the UK, deployed abroad or serving onboard ship.

The Directors of the Wessex Business School have been working with military personnel for several years and have mapped a considerable amount of military training against civilian qualifications.

Wessex Business School has developed an educational framework which integrates both vocational and Higher Education Units to provide a flexible, "Through Life" development programme. Over the past seven years, the Directors of Wessex Business School have worked closely with members of HM Forces and the Civil Servants who support our military personnel.

It is the vision of the Wessex Business School that the military students attain highly credible qualifications which will complement their training, but also prepare them for their next career.

Wessex Business School , Apsley House, Tower Street, TAUNTON, TA1 4BH, Somerset
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